Howdy, y’all!

We’re the Hunters, and we sure do love a good ol’ party!

We’ve been hitched for a sweet 12 years now and couldn’t be prouder parents to our son, Andre, and our furry pup, Buttermilk. Life for us is all about celebrating the good times with some down-home charm, good eats, and a few sips to wash it down.

Ginger, she’s the heart of our shindigs, y’all. She’s got a hankerin’ for party planning, all things beauty and fashion, and she can’t resist a touch of leopard print. She’s got a heart as big as Texas and loves building up our community. Now, there’s John, but we call him “Hunter.” He’s got a need for speed, whether it’s in a golf cart or a fast car, and he sure knows his way around a grill. Craft beers? Well, he’s the expert there too! As for young Andre, he’s into martial arts, football, and a good round of video games. And Buttermilk, that pup of ours, well, he lives for belly rubs, puppy treats, and just being part of our family.

We’re thrilled to celebrate alongside you and provide the kind of service that’ll make you feel like family. We’ve even got some charming stork yard signs to help you announce those new beginnings.

Our little venture, Let’s Flamingle TX, was born from a deep love of celebrating all life’s moments, throwing unforgettable parties, and bringing folks together. We wanted to share that passion with you and help create memories that’ll warm your heart for a lifetime. So, come on over, and let’s celebrate together, Texas-style!

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